Work and travel New Zealand with a Working Holiday Visa

  Its not often heard that travel comes cheap, so why not earn as you go? Just like Australia, New Zealand provide the working holiday visa but with fewer restrictions and a longer duration. The visa is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture as well as expanding your budget for that […]

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The people I met while travelling Langkawi

Travelling as a confidence booster

Travelling has given me so much more confidence as well as opening my mind to seeing different perspective’s. I can remember the first time I got on a train by myself after my Internship in America and I was so scared that I’d booked to the wrong place or got on the wrong train or […]

Photo Blog: The Peak District

I’ve just got back from a day spent with my friend out in the Peak District. As I spoke in Travelling a Little Closer To Home, we decided to ditch a day spent in the city and instead explore the great outdoors. We met halfway between Manchester and Sheffield at Edale, then went for a 6mile […]

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Travelling a Little Closer to Home 1

I went for a run this morning and I had no idea where to go or how far I could go but I just made last minute decisions in which path to take. I ended up taking myself on a very pleasant route since i’ve been running outside. I even ran through farmers fields that […]

Work and travel Australia with a Working Holiday Visa

  Travel doesn’t have to be about scrupulous saving before you’re able to book anything; why not earn as you go along? Working Holiday Visa’s are great for this and enable you to grasp a better understanding of the country’s culture by working amongst its local residents. It provides a great way to earn money, […]



Finished college or university? Not sure what to do next?

It’s that time of year again where colleges and universities are finishing off the end of year, exams are coming to an end and its now decision time! Will you be heading off to university? or making a start pampering up those CV’s for full time employment? But does it have to be this way? […]

Top Five Free Things to do in Melbourne…

With Australia becoming more and more expensive and the average backpacker struggling to afford a decent meal other than noodles, here is a list of 5 things you can do in and around the city to save the pennies… 1) A walk around the Botanic Gardens on a glorious summer day should not go amidst. Walk […]


Travel Guide: Barcelona 1

With a location on the shores of the Mediterranean and a history dating back to the Roman Empire’s colonisation in 200 BC, it’s no wonder tourists keep flocking to the vibrant city of Barcelona. The city has succeeded in preserving the rich culture of the Gothic Quarter as well as offering the architectural delights from […]

Laptop vs Tablet when travelling

Within the last couple of days i’ve had to bid farewell to my iPad. I decided to sell my tablet to someone who I know will treat it with better care and attention and get much use out of it. I was sad to see it go. It even took me a while to build up […]



Un-Cluttering Clutter

EBay and I have never been the best of friends; more like passing enemies in a hallway. A few years back I had the tedious task of setting up my Paypal account to only go and forget my log-ins a year later. The time has come this weekend to spend a large chunk of time […]